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Daniel Gusmerotti

Serving: Denver, Aurora, Saddle Rock, Southlands, Piney Creek, Centennial, Glendale, Englewood and outlying areas


Don’t you wish training your dog was that easy?! Today so many of us want that immediate quick fix. And think, “If only my dog could talk! Is there an app for that?!” Then I could explain things quickly and easily. Well, believe it or not, your dog can “talk”. He just talks in dog language! To him, you are the one not communicating well. And deep down your dog wants to please you! He just doesn’t know how!!

Dogs don’t talk in ‘words’. Dogs don’t think in ‘words’. Yet, we expect to be able to educate our dog with WORDS! Imagine being able to communicate with your dog on the same level! It can be done! Quickly and easily. The catch? YOU have to change your habits! Nothing overly dramatic. Few changes in your body language, voice tones and being aware of interactions. We never use harsh or physical methods and we never yell. We never use pinch, shock, prong or choke collars ever. We also don't bribe or lure dogs with food or use clickers. We do however use lots of positive reinforcement so make sure you are ready to smile and give your dog lots of praise.

At your first session you will learn how to use your body language and voice to get your dog's respect and focus on you. With this new found respect, your dog will look to you for direction; in other words, you can now educate your dog on what behaviors are acceptable and what behaviors are not. No harsh methods involved. And, unlike all other methods, the initial training takes only 2 hours of your time - that's it!

This system works! There is no better dog trainer than another dog! With this natural training system we can address anything from basic obedience, housetraining, jumping, mouthing/nipping, barking, aggression, separation anxiety, walking properly on leash, and compulsive behaviors. Many times at the end of the first session you can see the dog saying, "Thank you!"

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Aurora, Byers, Denver, Englewood.

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