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With Robin's guidance, I was able to teach my puppy Moose some door manners the first session. To my surprise, Moose learned very quickly. Robin was very informative from the minute she walked into my apartment. I learned a lot. I never would've guessed that the reason why my puppy didn't listen very well was because I didn't speak her language. Now I do, thanks to Robin and Bark Busters. I'm excited for what's yet to come. This service has exceeded my expectations. :)
Coraima C., Aurora, Colorado 16th September 2015

Just had our 1st visit with Robin. I can hardly believe how well it went! With 3 dogs answering the door was an event. They would bark, jump and rush the door. In one session we were able to answer the door without any problems! We also learned how to work on dealing with aggression at the fence (with other dogs). I can't wait to see how much more they can learn with Robin's help.
Liz S., Aurora, Colorado 9th September 2015

Scott was very helpful during our first meeting! Cortez' tail immediately went down once the training began and has stayed down since. He has walked next to me on every walk since with little to no problems, and has been incredibly more obedient. We look forward to future meetings with Scott!
Sam Y., Georgetown, Colorado 3rd September 2015

Becky is a fabulous trainer - very calm, confident and extremely loving to our dogs. This is our second set of dogs trained by her and we couldn't be happier with their progress.
Vicki D., Aurora, Colorado 1st September 2015

I am amazed! Robin is extremely knowledgable and a great teacher. I appreciate her not judging us for our many wrong doings. I could not believe how quickly my dogs responded to the techniques she taught in a two hour session. When Robin held my front door open I thought for sure my dogs would bolt. There's no way she could have caught them if they ran past her. But to my utter amazement, they sat perfectly still! I couldn't believe it. What is this magic? It's "Speaking Dog the Bark Busters Way!" I'm looking forward to our next training sessions and seeing my dogs "unleash" their full potential! Thank you Robin, thank you!
Megan R., Aurora, Colorado 31st August 2015

Becky did an amazing job. Could see results in the first session. Looking forward to working on the results. Would highly recommend!
Joseph M., Aurora, Colorado 28th August 2015

I set an appointment however I read some reviews that had me concerned. I called to cancel my appointment. My dog is a very aggressive rescue breed so I was skeptical based on what I read and I needed to ensure that I had the right trainer for him. Scott called me right away and explained the training. He offered to come over and would not charge us. Well that all changed for sure. Scott immediately worked with us on the techniques and it was amazing. We know what to do and what to work on. It truly works! THIS IS NOT an abusive program. I am sure there are trainers that people have problem with but Scott is so very good at his craft and deserves the recognition. Shame on me for listening to some of these bad reviews. I feel extremely fortunate that Scott called. My Barney is behaving himself as I write this. I will see Scott in three weeks and will be looking forward to his next visit so I can show him that this is a family who wants to continue to rescue the aggressive breed and help them adjust to society. We are doing our due diligence in ensuring their place in our family. I am on my second day and I have been doing my homework. Barney is a new dog and he now understands that he is not the pack leader. Thanks Scott!
Jan P., Arvada, Colorado 27th August 2015

Scott was better than expected and was amazing with our dog, Brie. After the first session we were stunned that Brie could walk on the leash without pulling us along! We can't wait for our upcoming session with Scott to continue to watch Brie become a more well-behaved dog.
Mollie S., Denver, Colorado 27th August 2015

We've had Soba for a little over two years. We've worked hard with her to be a well- behaved dog. She sits, stays, lays down, plays fetch, comes and will go to her bed on command... but she also barks uncontrollably when someone rings the doorbell or walks past our house. After banging our head against the wall trying to stop her from barking, we called Bark Busters, and specifically, Robin. After just one session, Soba learned to stay out of the "box" near the front door and not to bark. Robin's technique worked right away and gave us so much hope that we can change this behavior. We are SO glad we called!
Talia and Dan H., Denver, Colorado 17th August 2015

Andrea is fantastic. Our dogs love her, they respect her, and respond to her. But more importantly, so do we humans. The training isn't magic, and if the humans don't keep reinforcing the lessons, the dogs will lapse into old behavior. But that's not a problem for us, because Andrea works on training US, our dogs. By teaching us to be better owners/handlers, she's giving us the skills and tools we need to have our dogs behave the way we want – regardless of how long it's been since the last session. Over the last 18 months, we've learned that the Barkbusters techniques really work to train dogs, and Andrea's techniques really work to train us! I can't speak highly enough of the sessions we've had. We were immediately hooked and purchased the lifetime package after the first session with River, and before we even brought Odin home a year later. We've been through Humane Society and PetSmart classes before … but for these and all future dogs, Andrea and Barkbusters are where we're turning.
John T., Erie, Colorado 15th August 2015

Robin was great! Our puppy responded immediately to her and what she taught us. He has been so much better with walks and people coming to the door already!
Emily S., Denver, Colorado 11th August 2015

Robin was great! From the moment she came into my house she started making an impact on the behavior of my dachshunds. Only minutes into our first lesson I felt confident that she was going to help my pups change their destructive and otherwise bad behavior. Robin was kind and knowledgeable and could answer all of my questions on how to best handle any issues with my dog's behavior. I am so glad that I called and set up this appointment! I can already tell a difference in the behavior of my dogs!
Lauran R., Denver, Colorado 10th August 2015

8/6/2015 Robin is amazing. She is passionate, patient, and a great teacher! My 5 year old Golden had a few issues to work through in the home (door charging, boundaries with the kitchen, barking at passerbys). Within two hours, she met with us and understood our goals. She taught me the skills I would need to carry training forward in a simple and practical way. Then we practiced all the things together. My dog now respects the kitchen and front door boundaries with great consistency. For anyone who doesn't know about Bark Busters (I didn't)... This is a non-violent training mechanism that WORKS. I took my dog's place as the alpha in our house within two hours and was empowered with the skills needed to carry that training forward and reinforce our foundations. My relationship with my dog was awesome and now it is even more awesome. I cannot wait for session two with leash training!!!
Paige B., Denver, Colorado 6th August 2015

What a trainer, what a method! She covered many issues in our first session without overwhelming us or the dog. Robin is truly talented!
Josie O., Denver, CO, Colorado 27th July 2015

Robin was an excellent instructor! Program techniques are simple and easy to understand with great results.
Sandy M., Aurora, CO, Colorado 27th July 2015

Robin chose the perfect profession and passion! She is engaged, patient, and extremely helpful with our new puppy, Blu. He is 15 weeks old and within minutes he adhered to our new code of correcting behavior. What's best about her method is that it utilizes no treats, gimmicks, or physical threats. I highly recommend her business!
Josie and John O., Denver, Colorado 26th July 2015

Kathy was amazing!! Our dog Rusty was so crazy, jumping, barking and pulling the leash! Kathy taught us how to communicate with him in a way he would understand. Him caught on right away! Everything made so much sense! We can not thank Kathy enough for helping us!
Lynn D., Highlands Ranch, Colorado 25th July 2015

I am extremely pleased with the training approach and techniques Scott introduced to me. Just learning the appropriate method of communication with my Brisco made a world of difference. She's always been extremely smart and trainable, but whenever she lost focus, it seemed impossible to get her attention back again. Scott taught me how to do just that in our first session. Now I can keep her in control by keeping her attention trained on me. On our second session, we started working on leash manners. She has always been head-strong and pulling out ahead of me on our walks. Within the first 10 minutes, I had a dog calmly walking slightly behind me on a slack leash wherever I went. I love the non-physical, non-treat based, communication style of training, and I absolutely can not believe how immediate the results are. Of course, you need to do your part to learn how to communicate with your dog properly and consistently, but you won't believe the results if you put in the effort.
Karen F., Arvada, Colorado 21st July 2015

Becky is awesome!
Alan F., Aurora, Colorado 21st July 2015

We rescued an 8 month old puppy, Shiloh, that has aggression issues with other dogs, strangers and our 13 year old son. Shiloh got progressively more aggressive with our son, to the point of actually nipping his face and shoulder. We grew very fond of her but were on the verge of taking her back vs letting the situation get worse. As a last resort we called Bark Busters and arranged an appointment with Becky. On the initial training session Becky was very thorough and helped us understand what we needed to do to correct Shiloh' s behavior. It has been two weeks of doing our homework daily and we are seeing changes in Shiloh's behavior that is encouraging. Since I have never owned a dog before, it was great to have Becky provide insight and training tips. I also found the provided written material very helpful since I only retained a portion of what Becky told us in the first session. I am looking forward to more training sessions and I feel confident that Shiloh's disposition will improve and our son and Shiloh will live in harmony.
Coral B., Aurora, Colorado 15th July 2015

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