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We just had a great first session with Robin. My dog always barks and runs to the door when people come in. We worked on "door programming" and control. Within the hour my husband and I had learned several great techniques and our dog is already responding to the training! Looking forward to our future sessions!
Shauna A., Denver, Colorado 13th July 2015

We didn't know what to expect, and really didn't think our dog would respond as quickly as she did. We did a few training exercises and our dog responded immediately. It was so nice knowing that our dog can be trained and that the techniques used were humane and not aggressive in any way. We are excited to continue the training with Robin and look forward to seeing the change in our puppy.
Jessica W., Denver, Colorado 10th July 2015

My two year old mini labradoodle, Bowie has suffered from separation anxiety since he was a puppy, but it got a lot worse when we moved out of state - he was unfamiliar with our new apartment and would howl and cry when we would leave him. Our neighbors weren't too fond of the noise and it got the the point that I would feel guilty for leaving him even for short periods of time. Bowie was immediately responsive to Andrea's training techniques - we worked on leash pulling, separation and barking at the door. I was so surprised - he picked up on the training within a two-hour lesson and was exhausted afterwards! We have continued to do separation training with him and we are finally able to leave the house with peace of mind! Thank you, Andrea!!
Alexa J., Boulder, Colorado 9th July 2015

Becky is very supportive and is a great teacher!
Sarah C., Centennial, Colorado 30th June 2015

Robin was very helpful giving me a lot of good advice on how to become the pack leader in the house. I love how this method doesn't require any clickers or treats or harsh punishments. It's very easy and straightforward. I look forward to working with my dog in the coming weeks.
Julie G., Denver, Colorado 29th June 2015

Robin in one session was able to curb Lucius and Apollo from charging the front door every time the doorbell rang. She already showed us how to stop them from jumping up on people. It was such a positive experience. In just the first session we already saw a drastic change in behavior from our canines and we are so impressed by the program. She was outstanding! We are so relieved we found her and Bark Busters. It was just what we needed. Thank you so much Robin!
Heather C., Denver, Colorado 28th June 2015

My dog Roscoe is pretty hyper. I haven't had much luck training him myself. After our first session I undestood what I had been doing worg and suddenly Roscoe was behaving better. I'm learning what it means to be the leader of my pack.
Jeff D., Aurora, Colorado 20th June 2015

Oh my God! Becky gave us a new dog in an hour and 45 minutes!! My 13 year old daughter had just had it because Kato was just terrible to walk. He would pull you along, bark at other dogs, lunge at any distraction and generally made a pest of himself. She asked me to take him back to the rescue shelter. Now, Kato had a big yard when we had a house so we never walked him but now that we live in a dog-friendly apartment, he gets walked two to three times per day. I thought I would get bursitis if we kept this up. A co-worker recommended Bark Busters and I thought "well I'll try this to save Kato from being sent back to the rescue." My prayers were answered! Without bribing or repeated requests, Kato began to understand what I needed him to do. Now, Kato walks by my side, comes when called, and a byproduct of the training: he no longer barks at other dogs. I also learned to listen to him and understand when, where, and why he becomes anxious. We take baby steps and Kato is our best friend again! Thank you Becky!
Darlene M., Glendale, Colorado 20th June 2015

Becky is awesome. Izzy responded so well to her and her techniques. I no longer get frustrated working with Izzy because Becky taught me how to communicate with her. I am very happy that I contacted Bark Busters. Just one visit and training techniques with Becky has made a world of difference for my family. We have always loved Izzy. But now that she is a better, well behaved dog we enjoy our walks and we have fun with Izzy. My anxiety has lessened. I don't fear people coming over to my house. Izzy has learned to look to me for direction. I cannot say enough about how excited I am to continue her training.
Anna T., Aurora, Colorado 15th June 2015

Robin was great. During the 1st session Bailey learned how to Sit, stay, and free. He also learned how not to attack the door when the doorbell rang. We are extremely happy with the immediate changes in his behavior. We are looking forward to the ongoing lessons with Robin and Bailey. Without Bark Busters we would have considered getting rid of Bailey. Bailey is a changed canine and we are a much happier family.
Angela S., Aurora,, Colorado 4th June 2015

Becky worked very hard on getting Zena use to the car. Becky showed great patience with teaching me how to help Zena to the things I want her to do.
Deborah D., Englewood, Colorado 31st May 2015

Even though we have had dogs all our lives we got a new puppy last June that was putting us over the edge. LaRue is a German Shorthair who was VERY active. She ran all the time, jumped on everyone, counter surfed, dug holes, chewed up everything in sight, she even climbed trees! I was beginning to not even like her and seriously thought about giving her to a German Shorthair rescue. But after seeing all the dogs needing homes on their website and crying I decided that I needed to give her more attention and get some expert training. I called Bark Buster and the first visit was amazing. You could tell that LaRue respected Andrea from the very first visit, she really seemed to like Andrea, wanted to be around her but didn't jump. I signed up for a year training and Andrea has come to my rescue several times, weekly at the beginning now once a month, giving me tips, working with me, training me on how to control LaRue. She is a much better dog now . I highly recommend Andrea and Bark Busters
Coral R., Lafayette, Colorado 16th May 2015

Becky is very supportive and helped us with our new family addition, Moxie. She is very knowledgeable and gave us instructions on how to work with Moxie, seeing things through a dog`s perspective and helping her become a member or our family. Thank you Becky!
Debra S., Denver, Colorado 8th May 2015

I did not think it was possible to love my doggies any more than I already do, but it was possible!!! My dogs are unique with their own personalities, moods and attention. I had a variety of challenges with having three dogs. Walking all three of them was not fun and stressful. A lot of pulling on the leash. Brief description of my beautiful doggies, one is very needy and has separation anxiety; another has socializing issues and my youngest lacked confidence and is very shy. Becky was able to help me gain control and showed me how to be the Leader of my pack. She taught me techniques that have proven to be the best practices in maintaining a trusting and secure environment for me and my dogs. Confidence and consistency are the keys for successful training and thanks to Becky, I am able to achieve and maintain a happier home for my doggies and for myself. Thank you Becky for you candor, patience and sincerity in the great service you provided me. Thank you sincerely, B
Bronica G., Aurora, Colorado 6th May 2015

I am so impressed by Scott. In a few short minutes he had me handling my "devil" dog. After Scott left, my sister and I went to the kitchen and I used the first technique he taught me to control Sadie from growling at my sister and then the usual attempt to bite my sister never happened. We were both so pleased! Can't wait to see what develops in the coming weeks. Well worth the time and money to turn your furry child into a well behaved canine citizen. Thank you Scott.
Dorothy W., Denver, Colorado 6th May 2015

I am very impressed with the simple tools that I learned to help with my dog's aggression issues. I am more comfortable on walks and confident that we will be able to control unforeseen events as they happen. My dog seems happier and less anxious as well. Becky was a wonderful trainer and I look forward to continuing to build on what we've already learned.
Lisa J., Aurora, Colorado 5th May 2015

Robin was wonderful! Her directions on how to help my dog were clear, concise and easy to follow. My dog Bodhi LOVED the guidance and structure. His behavior was much better after the first session!!
Heather L., Denver, Colorado 4th May 2015

Scott came to our home, with our dog Bella barking and jumping at the door as she usually does. Letting Scott know who is in charge. Well, we sat down and discussed some of the issues our lab mix Bella was having, and what we had done. Scott showed us some new techniques, talked them over knowing why its used and when to use them. We then practiced, to our amazement Bella was behaving perfectly. We have been practicing using the techniques and could not be more pleased with the results. We can't wait for Scott to pop in on us to see how Bella is doing so we can show him how great it has been since his visit. I strongly encourage you to give Scott a call with any and all dog issues. He was so good, I almost want to prepay for him to help my neighbors with their excessive dog barking problem. Thanks Scott.. You have helped us change the entire attitude in our house. We are in charge now and Bella understands. Call Scott today !! Dave and Karlie Golden, CO
Karlie C., Arvada, Colorado 29th April 2015

We just finished our first session and I've never seen my canine this well- behaved around a stranger! 3 years ago we adopted Peanut, a Jack Russell mix, from the pound. He has many problem behaviors, but the worst is his aggression towards strangers. We've been afraid to have friends over to the house without restraining him, muzzling him, or putting him in a back room. Recently, he bit a family member who was visiting from out of town and we got desperate. We were skeptical about BB (especially after the sales pitch they gave us on the phone), and we'd already been through thousands of dollars in behaviorists, medications, and even a pet psychic (don't ask!!) on Peanut! But, we love him to pieces and decided to give one more behaviorist a shot. We're glad we did! Robin came to our home and was with us for about an hour and a half. She thoroughly explained the Bark Busters program and we agreed to give it a shot. The techniques she taught us were simple and with some small changes in our actions, we were able to get Peanut to be virtually non-reactive to Robin as she rang the doorbell and came into the house--a first! We are optimistic that the program will work, not just with his aggression, but with other problem behaviors as well. We can't wait to have Robin back in a few weeks and see what else she can teach us. Thank you, Robin!
Kathryn and Andy M., Denver, Colorado 25th April 2015

We hired Scott to help us control our Yorkshire Terriers. The first visit with Scott we were able to control the "doorbell" barking, walking on leash without pulling and nuisance barking. We are working on coming when called now. Scott has been great and very available when we have questions.
Dione B., Denver, Colorado 13th April 2015

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