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Our newly adopted dog went from barking constantly both inside and outside the house to very little barking anywhere. Scott gave us the tips and tools to apply and it's been very easy. As other things have arisen, Scott was easy to schedule and bring back. I have asked if aliens replaced my dog with one that now behaves. The training has, and continues to make our lives much easier. I would recommend Scott and Bark Busters to anyone looking for a top notch dog trainer!
Barb S., Denver, Colorado 29th January 2016

Scott came over on Saturday to work with our almost 2 yr old Malamute. We saw a difference within the first session! His methods are friendly but assertive. I definitely feel like i am in charge! Scott was on time and efficient, and we are so grateful he helped us get Thor on the right path. Thor's separation anxiety has already decreased and we are excited to see him continue.
Blake L., Denver, Colorado 24th January 2016

My Gus was terrified to get in the car and I didn't want to force him in there. So the search began to find a trainer who would come to my house. After just one session with Scott, Gus is happily getting into the car! Scott took the time to teach me the technique, even taking the role of the dog, and was very patient with me. He takes the time to explain things and really helped me to see my role as Gus' leader. I am very excited and happy that I found Scott and Bark Busters!
Ashley T., Westminster, Colorado 23rd January 2016

Just finished our first session with Scott. In under an hour he had Marmaduke listening to commands, and walking at my side. Marmaduke was fearful of men before this and he responded to Scott incredibly. I would highly recommend him and the service to anyone in need of help!!! Thank you!!!
Jillian L., Lakewood, Colorado 19th December 2015

I recently had my first session with Scott from Bark Busters and it was awesome. He did a great job explaining his communication and behavior modification methods with me and my buddy , Crash. Crash responded very well to Scott's cues and corrections and seemed to enjoy every minute of our session. I am already seeing very positive results in less than one week!! I am a veterinarian in the Denver area and feel very comfortable recommending my clients to Scott and Bark Busters.
Courtney T., Denver, Colorado 14th December 2015

I am so thrilled with the training Scott provided to my puppy Lucca. He took the time to understand my specific concerns and issues with Lucca's behavior and gave me the tools to help train Lucca in a humane and effective way. Lucca has responded beautifully to the training Scott provided, and I couldn't be happier at the transformation in his behavior. It's obvious Scott cares deeply about the dogs he trains and his clients; he makes himself readily available for questions or concerns. If you are having any issues with your dog--young or old--call Scott. You will be so glad you did!
Rachel O., Denver, Colorado 13th December 2015

My dog Charlie is a corgi/husky mix and for a long time I thought it was not going to be an easy task to train him. After just the first visit with Scott we saw a significant improvement in his behavior. Relief is all i am feeling and i couldn't be happier. We will continue to use his techniques and can't wait for him to come back to see his improvement! THANK-YOU SCOTT !!
Jamie C., Lakewood, Colorado 13th December 2015

We just had our 2nd training visit from Scott and we are so impressed with how well and quickly our pup, Sage, has responded. She's a german Shepard mix, 10 months. I had worked with her from 8 weeks old on basic training and she could do the main commands but I was having trouble controlling her "manners" in the house (jumping, barking, etc). We also needed a lot of help with leash control. She just wasn't responding to the training tactics I was trying. We learned from Scott that she thought of herself as the alpha and with some basic commands we had her understanding that she wasn't in control. The first visit we worked on indoor issues, and she's been responding incredibly well, stopped jumping right away, THANK YOU! And it's great to be able to tell/show her when we need her out of our space, she's not perfect with this yet, but it's been a huge improvement and we are still working with her. The second visit concentrated on the leash and especially not pulling/leading. Already impressed with her response! We knew we had a smart dog on our hands and we wanted to get everything under control quickly, especially with a 2 yo in the house and a baby on the way. We love our Sage pup and want her to be apart of all of family activities without being a pest. Thanks Scott!
Jennifer K., Denver, Colorado 25th November 2015

Robin was friendly and provided us with some very helpful tips for training our dog Scout. Scout responded to the techniques and is already behaving more in line with what we are looking for. Thanks Robin!
Patrick W., Denver, Colorado 16th November 2015

We were attracted to the non-abusive approach to training used by Bark Busters. Robin explained the techniques very well and we were able to see immediate results in the first session. It's probably harder to train us humans than the dogs - as they seemed to "get it" right away.
Dean S., Denver, Colorado 15th November 2015

After much deliberation, we decided our family needed assistance to manage our German Shepherd/Lab mix. Overall, she is a great dog, but she has certain behaviors that are out of our control. We have trained her through PetSmart for about two years, and she is awesome at doing "tricks" and following certain commands. However, certain triggers caused her to lose focus and become unmanageble. We needed more than dog training. We needed people training. Specifically, our main complatins were that she could not stop barking when guests come to the door. And, even more troubling, she has become quite agitated when we play with our two year old daughter. We were afraid that she would inadvertently hurt our child or one of us. After 1.5 hours of working with Scott, our relationship with our dog has dramatically changed! He taught us how to lead her through certain stressful situations so she doesn't have to step-in to take control. As a result, within 1 day, barking when someone knocks at the door is eliminated. Even more exciting, very clear boundaries have been drawn with respect to our child and how our dog 'may' interact with her at 'our direction.' It's been 5 days since we've had Scott help us. In these 5 days, my dog is more relaxed. She plays more. We have more opportunities to praise her. And, our home is much safer now that she follows our lead. What amazing results! Our neighbors are in SHOCK at our quiet dog and they are so grateful that they don't have to deal with her loud barking and encroachment on their space when they come over. My husband was worried that Scott would recommend removing the dog from our home and he was resistent to having Scott get a close look at our situation. There was NO judgement and it was clear from the start that Scott's intent was to help our dog fit into our life. Scott made some recommendations that we thought might be difficult to implement. For example, he suggested that we don't allow our dog to sleep in our bed. We adopted ALL of his recommendations including giving her a new bed. The changes had IMMEDIATE and widespread impact that we could not have predicted. We are so thankful to have control over our large and very powerful dog for the first time in 4 years. Scott's been great. He improved the quality of our home life in minutes and I know he could do the same for any family. Good luck with your dog's behavior issues!
C & L P., Lakewood, Colorado 3rd November 2015

Working with Robin as our trainer was an incredible experience. I had worked with a previous trainer, and the energy and personality did not mesh well at all. As soon as Robin walked through the door, she commanded authority with our dogs. They immediately responded, almost like a magic trick. Her training techniques were not only immediately effective, they have lasted after only one session. Robins energy, diction, and practice were professional, and friendly. She was able to provide the tools we needed to succeed as dog owners. She was able to patiently teach us in a way that was never hurried or frustrating. I was shocked at how quickly our dogs picked up on these training, non violent, techniques. Anyone with a dog should use these training tools. We had some issues with the dogs fighting, and some dominance issues, and she was able to provide ease to our worries with some simple rules and tools to break up a fight and prevent them from even beginning. I plan on using Robin many more times in the future. She was amazing!
Alba A., Denver, Colorado 1st November 2015

What a change we saw just in the first session! I couldn't believe it! Apollo is a HUGE baby, at 7 months he's already over 100 pounds and nothing we had tried was working. After the first session working on basic commands like "sit" and "stay" he caught right on, and only with using verbal commands and body language. We worked on his barking when people come to the door and he immediately took to the training, a complete 180. Robin was great, and walked us through everything we needed to do. I really like the training method used by Bark Busters because it's more "pack oriented" in a sense. There's no treats needed and no aggression associated with it. Just a pecking order, how a dog's natural instinct will tell him where he stands in a pack environment based on the interactions of his other pack mates. Can't wait to see where he is in a few months from now, I know it will be great for him and for us!
Lauren F., Aurora, Colorado 1st November 2015

Peter does an AWESOME job on helping us to train Macie (a Jack Russell Terrier) that we rescued from Dumb Friends League. Macie is a sweet little dog but is very aggressive towards strangers and other dogs. Peter is doing a great job on helping us to teach Macie how to respond appropriately to other people and dogs. She still has a way to go but that is on us to be consistent and to keep teaching her what Peter is teaching us. Peter is extremely knowledgeable in dog behaviour, body language, etc. and we are very pleased with our purchase of the lifetime training plan. Thank you Peter! We appreciate YOU!!!
Marshall S., Parker, Colorado 31st October 2015
Trainer's Comments
Thanks for the endorsement! Your work with Macie will make the difference. Together we will help her overcome her inappropriate responses to unfamiliar people and dogs. Pete

Robin was fantastic! We worked with my dogs and got them to stop barking at guests, charging the door and sit/stays. There is already so much promise. Robin was able to get my dogs calmed down within minutes of being here. The training is simple for me to learn and has a great response from my dogs. Can't wait for more!
Lindsey S., Aurora, Colorado 29th October 2015

Robin was very professional and knowledgeable when she worked with our dog and family. She thoroughly explained the program stopping to answer questions when we had them. We then did some training and within a very short time she showed us how to set boundaries to help with the dog running through open doors and jumping on family members and visitors. Her training methods were humane and very effective. Each of us were actively involved in that step and I look forward to working with Robin in the future to help our dog and family get along for a happier life together.
Terry R., Aurora, Colorado 20th October 2015

My dog Dale has always been the one in control on walks ("who's walking who" I have heard far too many times from judgy people). After one session with Robin, Dale was able to walk calmly at my side. Robin also helped us set up a strong training plan to address Dale's other behavior issues.
Mark H., Denver, Colorado 20th October 2015

We were to the point that either Hazel had to go or she had to change. She had started attacking our other elderly dog and growling and snapping at us and our toddler. After just the first training, we had a new dog! One of the great things was that we didn't just learn commands, but learned why Hazel was acting the way she was and how to change her mindset. Hazel was thinking she was the head of the 'pack', so she was trying to control us. Teaching her that we are the head of the pack allowed her to relax and just enjoy life.
Gretchen W., Longmont, Colorado 19th October 2015

Robin is absolutely amazing! She has turned my overzealous puppy into a mature gentleman who behaves & listens. But most importantly she helped my puppy and she has helped train me to be a better pet owner and better trainer. I'm now completely in control of my dog at all times.
Tee B., Aurora, Colorado 19th October 2015
Trainer's Comments
Tee-It has been such a pleasure to work with you and Azul!

Robin is a wonderful teacher! She was very knowledgeable and made learning how to train Snow easy for me to understand and accomplish. My favorite part is how the training was customized to my dog so now I can work in the areas she needs most.
Stephany R., Aurora, Colorado 17th October 2015

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