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We saw results almost immediately. We thought we might have to get rid of Booker. But, he's got a whole new lease on life! Becky did a good job. We appreciate her patience with Booker and, more importantly, with us!
Ellen Dumm & Paul F., Denver, CO 28th July 2006

I thought Skyler had fairly good manners before we worked with Becky. But, she is so much better now! One command and she responds. It has helped with our agility training also because Skyler is so much more attentive to me now.
Nicole O., Denver, CO 28th July 2006

I was amazed at the immediate change! Thank you!
Rebecca & Joe F., Aurora, CO 28th July 2006

I am very excited about this opportunity to develop a new relationship with our dog! Becky was extremely helpful and thorough. All of my concerns were addressed and I feel comfortable with the techniques used. I am looking forward to the next 5 weeks. I am confident that Dudley will become the dog we have beenworking for. He is responding well. I really like the fact that we can call Becky whenever we feel we need to. We will do our best to carry on our training techniques. But, it is a comfort to know Becky cares and wants the same results! We would recommend Bark Busters to anyone!
Becky C., Denver, CO 28th July 2006

Becky was wonderful! Our dogs (all 3) responded to Becky immediately. Becky made all approaches easy to understand and implement. After 3 weeks my dogs are amazingly well behaved. I would recommend Bark Busters and especially Becky Glenn to anyone!
Lynn & Sandra C., Denver, CO 28th July 2006

As a veterinarian I have a significant amount of behavior training compared to the general population. I am very impressed with the Bark Busters methods and philosophy. Becky did a fabulous job and help me correct a few problems my hard headed bird dog had. I will highly recommend her and Bark Busters.
Dr. Michele Smith, Denver, CO 28th July 2006

We couldn't believe after 20 years of owning dogs that we knew so little! But, our newly acquired fiercely independent 8-month-old dog prompted us to call Bark Busters. Thank you for securing her home. We are grateful for Becky's patience with us as we had to unlearn, then re-learn, new parenting skills.
Louise & Jerry S., Denver, CO 28th July 2006

I have found everyone in my cirlce of friends and acquaintances are all asking me how Norman is doing and when they do, I can't help but launch into the details of how Bark Busters saved my life. No more crazy, desparate attempts to escape. He knows we are in charge, not him.
Heather M., Denver, CO 27th July 2006

We have had great success with our dogs using Bark Busters. Before we used Bark Busters, they did not listen to us at all and we were unable to take them for walks. Since we have worked with Becky, we know how to train them and they are much better behaved. We are very excited by the results.
Jen B., Denver, CO 27th July 2006

Amazing to see the dogs respond immediately. I think it is a fair and humane method. Better than yanking on a leash constantly. Becky is a sincere and compassionate person which which flows naturally into her training.
Roni H., Aurora, CO 27th July 2006

The most effective training methods I've come across. Very enjoyable.
Jane F., Aurora, CO 27th July 2006

Today was my first day of training w/ Bark Busters. I brought home a 3 year old rescue golden 2 days ago. "Molly" is a great dog but has separation anxiety, pulls on a leash like she is training for the Idderod, and does not seem to like my cats. Just today, we have worked on front door manners, walking on a leash, and meeting the resident cats. Everything went amazingly well. I am very pleased with Kathy's expertise and patience. I am already noticing a difference in Molly. She is mentally tired out from her fist session but much better behaved because of it. I am looking forward to our next session and a more well mannered member of the family.
Cheri, Castle Rock, CO 6th February 2006

Great job! We have so much more control now. Thanks!
Susan B., Highlands Ranch, CO 19th February 2005

Our dogs have responded wonderfully to the treatment/therapy. They have continued to follow our commands.
Matt S., Colombine, CO 19th February 2005

We have a brand new dog. I honestly can't believe the changes that were made with our dog in such a short. Of time. He was horrible on the leash and had incredibly aggressive behavior towards anyone coming to the door. Literally within one hour we had learned techniques that have transformed him into a dog that we, at times, thought we might have to get rid of to and Incredibly well-behaved. The training is clear, concise, very thorough and He makes himself available whenever you need follow-up help. I will never get another pet without using him to help. I cannot say enough about this service. Anyone with a dog who barks too much, is too aggressive, pulls on the leash, or anything else that you need to correct should call them immediately
Samantha Y., Denver, Colorado 31st March 2000

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