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Waffle responded very well and immediately to Robin's training. She was almost a different dog. A few days later, the training is still getting a great response! She is now very different on the leash and has reduced her barking at strangers.
Ryan C., Denver, Colorado 6th April 2016

Robin did a terrific job. She was very thorough and covered all of our concerns. She trains the owners to speak "Dog", and after one session, we were able to keep Cosmo from charging the door (What a relief). We are still working on the beer retrieval (No domestic please). Cosmo and I are looking forward to trying her training tips. (Woof)
Gus G., "Queen city of the plains", Colorado 1st April 2016

5.0 star rating 3/31/2016 We rescued Samantha from a shelter, so we are unsure of her history. She is a sweet and timid dog, but clearly had no training or socialization skills. We want her to be a happy and well adjusted part of our family, so we called Bark Busters. Robin came out to work with us right away and always responds quickly to phone calls, texts, and emails. Within the first hour of working with Robin, we knew we had made the right decision. Samantha responds to the techniques Robin models and practices with us. By the second visit, Sammy was already responding to more advanced training. We are always saying, "She is such a "smart" dog!" My husband and I feel so much "smarter" too as we learn to use voice control and body language to communicate with Sammy. However, our "smartest" decision has been to work with Robin and Bark Busters!
Kannika N., Aurora, Colorado 1st April 2016

My dog showed dramatic behavioral improvement within the first fifteen minutes of our first session. I really feel that Scott has shared with me the skills needed to communicate effectively with my dog, and as a result, our relationship has strengthened tremendously. My dog and I are both far less stressed and happier, and we have a much stronger bond, thanks to Scott.
Jann V., Georgetown`, Colorado 31st March 2016

We love SCOTT! He has helped us train our rescue "lab mix" that was having extreme separation anxiety and becoming destructive. Bark busters and Scott were our last hope and our dog has responded so well to the training that Scott has taught us. Since working with Scott we have learned how to reclaim our space and be pack leaders to allow our dog to calm down and relax! Scott is amazing !! His training tips, recommendations and overall calm, assertive demeanor have been key components to changing our lives! Thank you Scott!!!
Jessie S., Denver, Colorado 25th March 2016

Robin was very knowledgeable in what she was doing. Our dog has aggression problems and she pin pointed the reason for that was because our household lacks leadership. Just in the first lesson she got our two dogs listening so much more to our commands. She helped with their aggression at the doorbell and strangers walking by. We are excited to work with her for the next couple of months!
Andrea L., Aurora, Colorado 20th March 2016

Robin was very helpful! Our dog Barley has recently had issues with aggression towards strangers and company coming into our home. Robin's training helped Barley to be more comfortable with our doorbell being rung, with strangers coming to our door and with meeting new people. Barley isn't where we want her to be quite yet, but after just one lesson, she is already on the path to being the great dog we know she is.
Kristen F., Aurora, Colorado 17th March 2016

Robin was so helpful in teaching me how to "speak dog" and learn how to be the pack leader so my frenchie could rely on me to make the decisions. Dolce (the frenchie) is super hyper and tends to jump or bite when greeting new people at the door but Robin taught me the right tools on almost immediately stopping this behavior! I didn't even have to touch or yell to correct Dolce. I couldn't be more happy with Robin's visit.
Tiphane G., Denver, Colorado 15th March 2016

Robin was very calm and professional as she educated my husband and me on how to better communicate with our new dog. We are excited to see the changes in EVERYONE'S behavior as we learn to lead and Samantha develops into a relaxed and confident part of our family. Thank you, Robin. We are looking forward to our continued work together.
Kannika N., Aurora, Colorado 13th March 2016

Our training with Scott has been less about our puppy and more about us as trainers. We called Scott when our puppy was 9 months old (and 90 lbs!). We had become frustrated with other training methods, because they just weren't making changes in our puppy's behavior and were exhausting for us. The result was no one was happy - us or the puppy. Scott has helped us, and helps us still, to take a dominant but loving approach to training our puppy. The approach is simple and so much more effective than having to be physical with our puppy or use a string of commands to stop a behavior. The result has been that Dave (the puppy) is well trained and so are we! We are truly grateful to Scott for making us better dog owners - and Dave is really happy we called him!
Susan P., Denver, Colorado 10th March 2016

Scott was and IS still incredible. I don't know what I would have done without his training skills. He trained ME as well as Jake! He taught me to be a better pet owner as well. Jake was a willful ( but very cute) 2 year old Boxer who used to dig in the yard, jump on people, monopolize any gathering....One session with Scott and there were changes. Over 2 weeks AMAZING changes! It is now 2016 and over the 8 last years I have had such compliments about how well behaved Jake is. He is my best friend. Scott has been always been available to me ...even recently when Jake needed a new collar. He was receptive and helpful. A great guy! An excellent trainer!
Jennifer B., Westminster, Colorado 8th March 2016

Cheryl M., Aurora, Colorado 4th March 2016

This was great. We have an 11 year old dachshund and introduced a 10 week old rescue puppy to the household. The dachshund was already an anxious dog but has always liked puppies, any gender, and female dogs. That run ended when we brought the male puppy to the house. Beau hated him. He attacked Shay the first meeting in the yard. On top of this behavior, Beau and I had some other bad habits. Robin showed us how to stop Beau's aggression and some of his bad habits and it worked! Right off the bat. Now, we just have to do our homework, which Robin detailed out for us. This is going to be great for all of us! Thank you, Robin.
Lisa S., Aurora, Colorado 25th February 2016

My family just adopted a 3 year-old American Bulldog. His temperament is wonderful and he is very gentle around the kids, who are 7, 3, and 2 years-old. However, the dog is mediocre in his obedience training and difficult to walk on a leash. Scott came out to the house and after a couple of hours had us speaking a language the dog understood. I was able to walk him on-leash by the end of the session. At dinner that night, the dog stayed away from the table and did not attempt to eat any of the food dropped by the youngest child. I am amazed at the success we had after one training session. I am even more amazed that the training did not require treats or clickers! I am very satisfied with Bark Busters and Scott Schwab.
Paul R., Lakewood, Colorado 18th February 2016

Scott has been working with my almost 2 year old Aussie/Lab mix Clifford for about two months now and the results are already so clear. Clifford is a puppy with an insane amount of energy and has a very difficult time listening to commands. He is my first dog and I had no idea how to train him. After the very first session I saw dramatic change in his behavior. The home training is friendly and my pup responds very well to it. Today we worked on leash training and Clifford responded to the training right away and is already much easier to walk. Scott is always on time for our appointments and treats my dog as if he were his own. Bark Busters has been the best investment I have made for my dog.
Caroline H., Denver, Colorado 16th February 2016

This was the first in home training I experienced after attempting two puppy classes with PetCo for our 10 month old Great Dane, Hesketh. Needless to say I was getting fed up with the constant barking in the house and outside on walks, and having a 130 pound puppy pulling me in every direction possible when on the leash. From the first minute Scott walked through the door he gave me my first lesson in order to keep Hesketh quiet and know that I am the leader, not him. It worked after only 5 minutes of him in the house. I see a dramatic change in Hesketh even after a few days. Although this will be an ongoing lesson for Hesketh and myself, I am truly thankful that Scott was able to give me the tools I needed to begin to enjoy my puppy instead of resenting him because of my lack of training. I never thought I would be growling at my dog for him to listen! All in all, Scott did great, he got right to the training I needed and addressed all my issues right away. I can't wait to see how Hesketh will be in a few weeks time. I highly recommend Scott to anyone that needs tips on how to enjoy your puppy and get rid of all the unwanted behaviors that you can no longer stand as a family.
Stefanie B., Broomfield, Colorado 15th February 2016

I was having trouble with leash pulling and jumping with my 1 year old Australian Cattle dog/Border Collie mix, Apollo. After the first visit Apollo changed completely! Scott's techniques are quite effective and simple to learn. He is relaxed and easy to talk to, I very much recommend Bark Busters Home dog Training with Scott!
Fiona P., Denver, Colorado 15th February 2016

Scott has been great helping to train our lab puppy. He is strong willed, but Scott's methods have proved effective. Scott is always on time and efficient in fixing our biggest problems with the puppy. We are excited to continue the training!
Roz K., Denver, Colorado 9th February 2016

We have 2 rescue dogs that are both lab mixes. The one mixed with weimeraner, Olive, is very hyper and a food snatcher. The other mix, Kit, came to us very submissive and mellow, but then started to dominate. Our first visit with Scott was very impressive because we were able to actually get Olive to respond to his techniques to not charge the door and to not pounce on food. I really couldn't believe my eyes because everything we had tried on our own never even phased her. This session was a bit intimidating for Kit though, so we had to do some individual training with Olive for several days and then reintroduce Kit to the mix. Things got better within a week and we just had our second session where we worked on leash control. Again, I was not so sure this was going to work with 2 very different personality dogs, but sure enough it can be done! Now we need to keep practicing. I'm excited for our next session and I'm glad we didn't put off starting this training any longer! We have several years ahead with these dogs (they are 4 & 1 now) and this is already reducing a lot of stress around the house. It is great to learn how to lead your dogs!
Margs M., Lakewood, Colorado 8th February 2016

Scott worked with Finny, our 3-year-old lab mix, for the first time this past Friday. He is some kind of magical dog whisperer--we saw results immediately! Finny has always had pretty high anxiety, has pulled and barked on the leash, and has barked for attention since the day he joined our family, and after just two days of going through the exercises Scott showed us, Finny is more relaxed, is much easier to manage on-leash, and has hardly barked at all. He is so much more at peace!
Katie P., Denver, Colorado 30th January 2016

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