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Scott was amazing. Our dog Evee was aggressive, growling and biting at people who visited our house. After a single session we saw a dramatic improvement. She was focused on us and really began to not worry about anyone coming over. It takes consistency and work on your part, but with Scott's help anything is possible. He was able to teach us how to help her be more calm. And now we'll be able show everyone the amazing dog we see every day.
Kayla M., Lakewood, Colorado 18th September 2016

Before Andrea started training me and my big ol pup, Norman (136 lb, 1 year old, English Mastiff) I was unsure of how to fix his behavioral issues. Turns out the ways I thought were helpful were probably just making his behavior worse and I was confusing him even more. Now with the help of Bark Busters training philosophy and Andreas patience and support, I can walk Norman around the neighborhood without him rushing/lunging at every person or dog in site! She taught me to be confident and guide Norman to correct/polite behavior. Walks are finally enjoyable and I'm not getting pulled across the street anymore or having my shoulder pulled like crazy. The trust Norman has in me is an awesome feeling and it just grows our bond more and more. The little tips and tools Andrea gives can and will make huge differences in your pups behavior. Plus she is a fun, loving, awesome lady who cares a ton about animals which makes working with her fun and rewarding. Thanks Andrea! You're a life saver!
Taylor S., Boulder, Colorado 2nd September 2016

OMG- Scott gave us such great tools!! We saw immediate changes in our dog's behavior- barking! He also gave us great tools for leash training. It was money well spent!! Thanks Scott.
Jan H., Denver, Colorado 29th August 2016

I rescued my Border Collie, George, when he was a year old from a shelter in Ridgeway, Colorado. Shortly after adopting him we had to move unexpectedly to Denver. The adoption along with unexpected transition to a new city was very stressful for both of us, George became dog aggressive and was too much for me to handle. When we first started working with Scott I was almost to the point where I thought I would have to give up my dog. Scott was so great during our first session. He explained the techniques clearly and helped me understand my dog's behaviors and body language.George is still high energy and very distractible but he is a much better listener and a much calmer and confident dog.
Jillian W., Lakewood, Colorado 6th August 2016

We just rescued a boxer mix who is about a year old. Our biggest struggle has been separation anxiety, and even after 4 days we have noticed a significant difference since Scott has been to the house! He took our concerns and addressed them in such an easy to understand manner, the homework has been great and truly wears the dog out! I am really looking forward to what the coming weeks will bring and am excited for the transformation our dog has already started. Thanks Scott!
Lauren S., Denver, Colorado 2nd August 2016

Scott has been working with my Belgian Malinois, Otis, for only a couple of weeks but I have seen a significant change in Otis (and my) behavior. As a Mal, Otis can be stubborn but is intense when he is training, so we have made progress on our recall, loose leash walking, and general attention seeking behaviors. Looking forward to what is in store in the next few months, as we are making a good dog into a great one. Thanks, Scott!
Ian F., Denver, Colorado 24th July 2016

Scott came to our house to help us with some issues we had been having with our 11 month old Golden Retriever. He was great at explaining how to best train Layla and he was calm and patient. Layla is a sweet dog but had problems with getting overly excited, jumping up, and pulling on walks. After the first session with Scott, Layla has not jumped on our guests and is listening to our commands. Since Scott came over yesterday we have had 5 guests come to the door and Layla stays back and waits for us to call her over. Our friend was amazed that she didn't come charging to the door and jump up. We highly recommend Scott with Bark Busters. It's pretty amazing! Thank you so much Scott!
Hailey W., Westminster, Colorado 24th July 2016

Andrea was amazing. After our second training session, I really felt like I could be a leader for my dog. Andrea is great at making dog owners build confidence in their dog training abilities. My dog has become so much better with other dogs (even though we still have a lot of work left to do!) and we can even get him to heel on most walks! The training methods seem to be working very well for us. We are seeing more and more successes everyday as we work with our dog using the training methods Andrea taught us! The training equipment provided have become life savers. Overall, working with Andrea has been a wonderful and well-worth it experience. It's hard to believe we have had so much improvement with only two sessions! Wish we found Andrea sooner!
Anne T., Boulder, Colorado 14th July 2016

Robin was very gentle and personable. She showed me how to be a leader in my Bella's eyes. Bella had felt the need to protect me. But now she sees that I don't need protection, that I will protect her and make her feel safe. Bella was immediately calmed by our role reversal and it was so simple! I see great things in our future!
Stephanie M., Aurora, Colorado 28th June 2016

The training is very effective. Hercules caught on quickly! Robin was polite and very educated.
Danielle P., Aurora, Colorado 26th June 2016

Peter is an awesome trainer! I have had four trainers trying to train my dog Mandy. They all said it would take along time to get her trained. Peter came in and educated us on how are dogs brains worked and how to build trust and how to be a pack leader. Within 2 weeks of our first visit, Mandy is calmer and learning everyday. I would refer him to anyone that wants a real trainer with real results. Thanks Peter for all you have done for my dogs and my family!!
Gary L., Frederick, Colorado 21st June 2016
Trainer's Comments
Happy to help! So glad we were able to get your dog the help she needed. Pete

I was very impressed with Robin. She seems so caring with my Chihuahua, Sassy. She was able to get Sassy not to charge the front door after one try. She trained me on how to help Sassy do several things. She gave me advice on the toys and dog treats to get.
Mary C., Aurora, Colorado 4th June 2016

I've been struggling with my dogs for quite some time. One of my dogs is 11, the other is 3. My 3 year old Chiweenie has fear aggression issues. My 11 year old Min Pin is aggressive and stubborn. Both are incredibly sweet until they see/hear other people, cars, dogs, or animals. Their aggression was starting to scare me. So I knew we needed help. In one 2-hour session my partner and I learned how to set boundaries and be pack leaders. Since the lesson we've been keeping the barking under control. It feels like a small miracle. Who are these dogs? Plus, they seem happier. I love Robin's approach of teaching us how to gain control of the dogs vs. her doing it for us. The hands on learning in our home environment gives us the confidence to follow-through with her instructions. She is patient, understanding, and non-judgmental. She does not apply a one-size-fits-all approach to both dogs. She understands that the Chiweenie needs different correction approaches than the Min Pin. The approaches are humane and don't require me to do anything that would make me feel guilty. We are so excited to see what the next training session brings. In one session we saw a night/day improvement. I can't wait to see what else we can do together.
Candice A., Aurora, Colorado 1st June 2016

Robin was well organized and knowledgable. Her system is very humane and we have already seen results with our dog after the first day. I'm looking forward to seeing how far the training will take us.
Vadim F., Denver, Colorado 24th May 2016

Robin was great! She answered all of our questions, was very reassuring, and was willing to try out different scenarios to apply the training methods. We saw immediate results! Thank you so much, Robin!
Heather D., Denver, Colorado 16th May 2016

Robin was excellent! We have two dogs totailng almost 300 lbs. One is 2 years old and the other is 7 months. We knew we were losing control of them and needed help ASAP. We had our first visit today, and WOW! The technique works, and both dogs are just behaving in every way. The barking has stopped, and the dogs have been relaxed all day. We are excited and amazed!!! Thank you Robin!
Tony F., Denver, Colorado 15th May 2016

We recently rescued a new canine family member and required extra support for assistance with "Melville's" fear-based aggression. Scott's arrival to our home was punctuated by Melville's over the top behavior charging the door. Literally within minutes Scott effectively instructed my husband and I with proactive, preventative methods. Our first session worked! It hasn't even been 24-hours and the positive change in how we interact is beyond miraculous. We are learning how to speak "dog" and look forward to our continued relationship with Scott at Bark Busters as we chart a healthier, new relationship with Melville. Do youself a favor and get Scott's help today! You'll be glad you did.
Melissa O., Denver, Colorado 29th April 2016

We recently adopted our dog from the shelter after falling in love with her. We were so worried about how she would do with our cats and our fears were confirmed-- the cats were terrified of her and she chased them all over the house. In ONE visit Robin gave us some great techniques to work with our dog and cats together so that we can have a cohesive home again. She was great to work with and very responsive. This was an amazing investment and value for us. I could not have asked for a better training experience. Thank you so much Robin!!
Brittany & Marcellus W., Denver, Colorado 20th April 2016

We have a two year old Chocolate lab that tends to be alpha. We have been to dog training before. Although sweet, Marshall would continue to pull on the leash, bark when someone came to the door, burst out the back door and knock down our kids. We knew we needed more help. Scott with Bark Busters came over, sat down and we discussed Marshall's behavior and what our concerns were. Scott came up with our training for my family and our dog. In one hour I could not believe how he has transformed our dog. Simply amazing! Thank you Scott and Bark Busters! I highly recommend Scott with Bark Busters to everyone. Briana Smith
Briana S., Arvada, Colorado 20th April 2016

We already had a solid training foundation built for our 5.5 month old Golden Retriever, but Robin came in and solidified the training. We saw results immediately! (Oakley learned not to nip, jump up or pull on the leash).
Brittany L., Denver, Colorado 12th April 2016

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