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Scott was truly amazing! I have tried multiply tactics on my french bulldog that came from an abused environment. She has gained the confidence but is still fearful of people and is definitely an alpha personality. She has done great w/ one on one but when other people are around I could never get her to listen. He had her under control within the 1st 20 min. People have said instilling fear in a dog is the wrong approach and I can assure Bark Busters are not about that! They know how to get your dogs attention so we can be their leader to find that peace and obedience. I would highly recommend them to anyone!!! Thank you Scott again!!! Learning we (the owners) are the ones that need the training :).
Jenny H., Denver, Colorado 6th October 2014

Four years ago, Bark Busters approached our store (Mouthfuls Pet Supply on Tennyson) and asked if we would allow them to leave their cards on our bulletin boards. I thought I'd try the ultimate challenge and have them come to my house first to see if they could help me get my pack under control. Scott did amazing work with my animals and within just a few days, they were already behaving better. I've had him come out numerous times since then, usually when I adopt a new dog with behavioral problems. Scott has helped me integrate them into the rest of the family and mitigate problems before they happen. He's also helped us learn how to pay attention to signals that fights are about to erupt in our store. I have worked with a myriad of trainers over the years and I can wholeheartedly endorse the Bark Busters training method. If you're hesitant and want to talk to someone who has used them directly, feel free to stop into our store and ask. Scott Schwab is worth every penny and then some!
Deb D., Denver, Colorado 4th October 2014

We rescued Rosie, 7yrs. old, who is very fearful, particularly of the human race. (except for her new mom.). We inherited Buddy, 9 yrs. old, who loves the human race so much he has separation anxiety and is a barker. Becky worked with Rosie, Buddy and me for 1.5 hrs., observing, coaching, and supporting our efforts. She suggested a Thunder Shirt, Bark Busters collar and leash for Rosie. We suited her up, and walked her up and down the sidewalk getting the feel for the equipment as well as the method. After Becky left, I walked both pups around the community for 30 mins. I can honestly say it was the most freeing and relaxing walk we have ever had! Rosie was calm, focused, relaxed and enjoying herself. For the first time in the 2.5 years we've had Rosie, she stood in front of my husband in her Thunder Shirt and let my husband pet her. 10/02/14 is a day we will always remember as a breakthrough day for Rosie. We have new methods to practice with Buddy and his barking, and have already seen positive responses. We owe it all to Becky and her kindness, patience, wisdom and understanding of our beloved pets. She has a quiet, calm, knowing spirit that translates well to pets as well as to people. Becky has given us a recipe for success and tremendous peace of mind. Thank you, Becky for all the harmony you've brought into our home!
Mary P., Denver, Colorado 3rd October 2014
Trainer's Comments
My pleasure! Please let me know if you ever need anything!

We started working with Scott two months ago to address protective/aggressive behavior with our Australian Shepherd. Scott's approach has been a true life saver for us. He provides simple exercises to correct the root of the problem. Because you can integrate the exercises into your day to day activities they are easy to keep up with. After our first session we started to notice major changes in our dog's behavior and we are continuing to notice progress. Scott is responsive and helpful and is always willing to come by or talk on the phone about any specific issues. I would recommend Scott to anyone that is having behavioral issues with their dog. Thanks Scott!
Laurel W., DEnver, Colorado 2nd October 2014

After doing it 'our way' for a couple of years and getting absolutely NO change or understanding from our dog, we finally agreed that we needed the help of a professional. After one meeting with Scott things have been improving and we have some hope that our crazy-barker dog will actually soon be the delightful companion we thought she could be. Sunshine is learning quickly and taking our direction well and we are all less stressed out than before, which is obviously awesome.
Michelle G., Thornton, Colorado 30th September 2014

WOW!! I cannot adequately express my gratitude for Becky! I have a pitbull rescue and she had some behavior issues that I didn't think I would see change. She was a happy-go-lucky puppy who started to show some serious OCD and ADD behaviors as she grew. I was at my wits end when my vet recommended Bark Busters and Becky. I feel lucky to have found her and I know that Eva feels the same. I have the most amazing companion and Becky found her again! THANK YOU BECKY and Bark Busters!!
Samantha C., Centennial, Colorado 30th September 2014

We recently adopted a 1 and 1/2 year old 9 lb. rescue dog from the Humane Society where our son volunteers. Dodger is so lovable but he also came with many social issues. In desperation we were told to try Bark Busters from a neighbor who had used them about 10 years ago with wonderful results. We contacted Bark Busters and Scott S.(who will travel to where you are!) came to our home in the mountains a week ago. We knew how much we loved our little Dodger but never knew we could love him even more after one visit from Scott! Our little guy is now a perfect gentleman! He is relaxed, allows people into our home without his past trait of non stop barking and extremely aggressive behavior, jumping up and even nipping. We can now take him into social settings. meet little children and other dogs previously his trigger points and now not worry or be embarrassed about his behavior. He now even plays alone without us which is so fun to see! We know he is happy! If we were not there to see it, we would never have believed what we call a miracle turn around...and in only 1 session. When friends have seen Dodger this past week now, they ask where Dodger went since this is certainly not the same little pup! This form of behavior modification is so easy to implement and makes so much sense, even our 3 younger sons are using the commands with positive results. It is such a gentle way to address such aggressive behaviors and anxiety...both for Dodger and us! Bark Busters is the BEST undeniably. Scott gave us our calm family life back without ever the thought of having to give up on our little Dodger!!!! We so look forward to session 2! We are more than thankful for Scott from Bark Busters - they were there for us and will continue to be!
Sally B., Pine, Colorado 19th September 2014

Pete did a follow up with me on August 15, 2014, more than 5 years after our first lesson and he was able to remind me of key concepts with the dogs. His explanations and exercises were very easy to understand and apply to other training situations. Not only were we able to see results immediately, but I am seeing more improvement since. Thanks Pete!
Karen D., Lakewood, Colorado 28th August 2014

Becky Glenn has been invaluable in helping our dog, Jingles, to adjust to our home. He was extremely fearful, aggressive, and was not socialized when we got him from the shelter. He had lived in an apartment and was very spoiled, but his owner was elderly and Jingles never went outside. He was scared of his own shadow and definitely didn't know he needed to go outside for toileting. We knew he was in his forever home, but had no idea how to help him. Becky was able to show us how to gain his trust and to show him that we will take care of him. Now she is helping us to work on barking and toileting. Every week we are surprised at something new he has accomplished and we are so grateful for Becky's help. I have emailed her and sent her text messages and she always gets back to me right away with sound advice and support!! Thank you Becky!!
Pamela L., Aurora, Colorado 26th August 2014

I called upon Becky to help me with my two dogs' separation anxiety. At our first meeting, Becky was very upfront in communicating that this was one of the hardest behaviors to deal with and that it was going to be a long road of training. Becky shared with me how my behaviors were the main problem. I so appreciated her honest up front communication which prepared me for the training regime ahead. Within the first 2-3 weeks Becky had provided me with most of the tools I would need to train myself and two dogs. She was always there when I needed her even when I called her crying that my dogs just ate my couch! I went as far as putting one of my pets on anti-anxiety medication but with Becky's constant and consistent training efforts, I was able to wean my dog off of the meds. I now have two dogs who are able to stay at home without me worrying about what they are doing to my home or themselves and have Becky to thank for it!
Arica C., Denver, Colorado 25th August 2014

Pete explained the training techniques & why they work in a very clear way. Mooses's unwanted behaviors were easier to correct by the end of the first session. The techniques work well & we appreciate methods that don't require physical corrections. We now understand Moose's behavior better which has made us all happier! We love working with Pete and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a trainer. Pete is great! He's very personable and knowledgeable and has really helped us understand Moose better. We're so happy with the results we're getting!
Kristan M., Thornton, Colorado 16th August 2014

When our dog started showing serious signs of aggression, we knew we needed help. We contacted Becky, and she was able to schedule an appointment for the next day. Our first session was so helpful! Becky did a wonderful job of explaining some of Maggie's issues, and what we can do to help her through them. We started seeing positive results almost immediately. We're looking forward to receiving more of Becky's help and instruction in future sessions. We are all ready so thankful that we contacted her!
Kristina R., Englewood, Colorado 12th August 2014
Trainer's Comments
I'm so glad you contacted me. Too many people think there is nothing you can do for aggression. Maggie is wonderful. Looking forward to continuing our training and helping Maggie be all she can be!

Becky was amazing - the things she showed me with the dogs made a huge improvement already. i was able to control and handle my new 100lb puppy without using physical force. I was able to walk him today with out him walking me. I just do not have the words to say how wonderful her techniques are. My entire day has been dog stress free. Becky is like my doggy angel. I have even been able to correct and redirect my stubborn 10 year old dog. I felt much more in control and confident after working with Becky today.
Cinnamon W., Aurora, Colorado 24th July 2014

Becky is awesome! She taught us some great things for our 2 month old puppy that worked well for us right away. Peace of mind came as well from learning what we're experiencing is "normal" puppy behavior (and exhaustion) -- we have a breath of fresh air now after Becky's training tips. THANK YOU!
Kathie L., Aurora, Colorado 7th July 2014
Trainer's Comments
Avery is absolutely wonderful! Let me know if you ever need anything!

Beckie is awesome. I have two very powerful breeds that were overwhelming to walk. Last year, I was really injured by my youngest dog on a walk. She pulled me right over and I suffered an AC separation in my shoulder. I have always loved to go on long walks and these walks had become very overwhelming and stressful for myself and the dogs. I had stopped taking them and felt very guilty for that, but could not get over the anxiety of getting them out of the house. Becky helped that in the first few training sessions. My goal in this is to finally be able to walk both of my dogs together and I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Becky has helped point out that Hazel's energy and what I thought was agression was actually anxiety over a past experience and has really helped her to feel more confident in that I am going to take care of things on our walk so that she is able to enjoy herself. The other issue we were having was the front door. My oldest dog, Shyann, loved to scare the heck out of people who came to the front door and had actually snapped at a few people. Becky helped us with this situation on the first visit. We are still working on it, but the difference has been incredible from day one. I would recommend this training to anyone and everyone who has a dog. The techniques we are learning will last a lifetime of dog ownership. I am learning so much about my dogs and we have come such a long way in a very short time. I look forward to every visit with Becky. I cannot wait to post a video of me walking with my two big dogs without any fear in any of us. Thank you Becky, you have changed our lives and made me a better dog owner.
Rebecca B., Englewood, Colorado 26th June 2014
Trainer's Comments
Rebecca, it has been a pleasure working with you, Shyann & Hazel. I appreciate your dedication and patience. Too often we have our sights on achieving the end result without putting in the steps necessary to ensure positive results. Thank you for your commitment, trust and hard work!

Becky made us feel very comfortable and gave us hope that we can bring our little guy around. We know it is going to be a long road and are so grateful that Becky will be with us to help us succeed!! Thank you SO much Becky!!!
Pamela L., Aurora, Colorado 2nd June 2014
Trainer's Comments
I look forward to helping Jingles achieve all your goals! He is a wonderful little dog with a lot of fear to overcome.

I first met our trainer, Becky, at a local PetSmart, when I noticed the advertisement of the side of her vehicle; "Home Dog Training". In home training appealed to me as our new puppy was an in-tact male that most places did not want in their classes. Both our dogs are Rhodesian Ridgebacks, a 10 month old male puppy, and the other a 3 year old purebred female from the Rhodesian rescue. Both are large dogs and we knew we had to get control early in the game. On our first visit, she made a detailed evaluation of our dogs, each individually. She took her time and assessed each dog's behavior. I loved the way my dogs reacted to her personally, as well as the techniques she was teaching. One of the most important things my husband and I learned, was that WE needed MORE training than our dogs!!! Becky was extremely patient with our training as well! She always takes the time to reinforce good behavior and acknowledges our work with the dogs. Through Becky, we have learned that dog training is an ongoing process and it cannot be done in 6 weeks and forgotten. But the amazing thing is that our dogs seem to enjoy someone else being the pack leader! We are still amazed at how well Becky understands a dog's thinking process. We could not be any more pleased with the success we are seeing with our dogs. Our biggest issue of the dogs pulling when on leash has almost completely been overcome. What a pleasure to walk a dog that isn't pulling you down the street!!! As problems arise, we contact Becky and she is right there to help us through the issue. Our decision to purchase a full year program was the best decision we have made with regard to our dogs!!! It's been about 6 months since we started with Becky and Barkbusters, and we plan on utilizing her for the next six months as well! We can't wait until we are ready to embark on the puppy's first journey to the Cherry Creek dog park, which Becky plans on attending with us!!!!!! You certainly get your money's worth!!! Becky Glenn and Barkbusters gets a 10+ in our ratings!
Sandy P., Aurora, Colorado 5th May 2014
Trainer's Comments
It has been a pleasure watching you grow with your dogs. You can see how changing your own behaviors reflects on them. Rhodesian's can be a challenge. But, when you are committed, you can see results! You are a testimonial to how providing all your dog's needs in leadership can lead to a happier dog!

We have already recommended pete to family and friends!
Nicole & Patrick B., Lakewood, Colorado 30th April 2014

We have three dogs, each with very different personalities and challenges! We contacted Becky to help us gain back control over bad behaviors including jumping, barking, anxiety and for our little guy, housebreaking. Becky was wonderful and as we followed her instruction we saw immediate results. That is the key! Follow her instruction and you will see results! After three months we have made great progress. Because of the complexity of our situation Becky prepared us that our training would take longer than three months but the progress is so encouraging and motivates us to keep moving forward. We now know what to do and how to do it! As we continue our training Becky is just a phone call, email or a visit away if we need additional help or advise. That is one thing that I can say that sets Becky apart. She really approaches her business as a team effort with her clients. I feel her compassion for dogs and she has gone above and beyond for us in our training. One last comment I would like to add is that prior to working with Becky, I hadn't had a good nights sleep in years. Our little dog would need to go out 2-3 times each night or he would have an accident and it was so hard on me. Now he sleeps through the night and I am sleeping too!! He is learning to hold it! Amazing!
Jennifer S., Aurora, Colorado 15th April 2014
Trainer's Comments
Jennifer, you are awesome! Your dedication to your dogs is impressive. I agree, you had some very difficult concerns to work through for each dog! Thank you for your commitment to do your homework. Because of this, I know you dogs are much more relaxed and happier! It is an ongoing maintenance now. Glad to have been able to help you get a full night's sleep so you have the energy to do what is necessary!

For over 20 years I have wanted to own a dog. In 2013 I took the plunge and rescued an adorable 2 year boxer-lab mix. Little did I know, he was incredibly aggressive, even to the point that I was scared to go home. My boyfriend wanted me to return him to the pound, but I refused. After a few weeks, when my dog became extremely violent towards me, I finally called Scott for help. Within about 3O minutes of the first visit, my dog was no longer aggressive towards me, and hasn't been since. I am so thankful for the knowledge and skills Scott has to offer dog owners. My dog's behavior continues to improve with every training session. I would definitely recommend Scott and Bark Busters to anyone who wants a well-behaved dog.
Georgia C., Denver, Colorado 11th April 2014

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