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5 out of 5 stars. Excellent trainer and Robin is a true professional. Thank you Bark Busters!
Don S., Denver, Colorado 15th December 2014

Peter took the time to identify my dog's temperament prior to the lesson, which made a tremendous difference in how I worked with my dog.
Amy S., Parker, Colorado 9th December 2014

5-Stars !! Near immediate and remarkable results in the first 2-hour home visit. Guests are NO longer bum-rushed at the front door with barking SO loud normal conversations are not possible! Walking the dog is no longer a dreaded chore. Scott first explained why his system works, showed us, then coached as we practiced. He�s a professional and I highly recommend his services.
Jeff B., Lakewood, Colorado 8th December 2014

Robin Havekost came today to help me leash-train Riley - a very large, heavy, strong Black Airedale. This wonderful puppy has dragged me all over the neighborhood for quite some time now, and in under 5 minutes, and on the first command from Robin using the Bark Buster collar, Riley became submissive, obedient, and extremely easy to walk. It's pure magic, and Robin is a sorceress of the highest order. She is also kind, patient, and a lot of fun to work with. She's my new family hero, and we owe her a debt of gratitude!
Renee L., Aurora, Colorado 5th December 2014

I can't say enough about the impact Robin's training had on my dog Maggie. She was jumping up, barking constantly and generally out of control. There were so many things I didn't realize I was doing wrong to encourage this behavior. Robin showed me how to be a better doggie parent and did it in record time! In less than 3 hours she trained both dog and owner! I also loved that it is a very natural, humane approach to training.
Lucila W., Denver, Colorado 4th December 2014

Scott was an incredible trainer and deserves full credit for Cody becoming such a wonderful dog. We are first time dog owners and didn't have a clue how to begin. Scott was patient with us and knew exactly how to make puppy ownership manageable and fun. He demonstrated simple techniques for training Cody that fit into our lifestyle and helped us to feel successful as dog owners. As importantly, Scott was always available to come to the house or answer any questions we had over the phone or via email. We highly recommend him!!
Erin Y., Denver, Colorado 2nd December 2014

Bark Buster's training helped us gain control when putting on Odie's colllar and leash. He used to bite us when we tried to do so. Robin helped us in a humane and natural way. Thank you!
Fernando G., Denver, Colorado 1st December 2014

Robin just left after my first lesson. I was amazed how quickly my 8 year sheltie responded to my correction. My confidence level with controlling my very aggressive dog is very low. After one visit I have hope that I can retrain myself and Nicki to turn both of us into a comfortable pack leader and followed. I live in an apartment and Nicki is very aggressive outside when she sees another dog. Or when she sees or hears a dog walk by outside and she is inside. With Robin's training and support I know I can become the pack leader.
Nancy B., Denver, Colorado 24th November 2014

We recently added a 5 month old puppy to our family. He is a boxer/lab mix and we named him Spencer. I've never had a puppy and was shocked that they are more work than an infant. Spencer was having all sorts of "puppy" issues and after a few weeks I knew I needed help. More than just the advice of our friends. I did some research and found Bark Busters online. I sent an email and got an immediate response and phone call from Scott Schwab. We set an appointment for the following Saturday. In just a few hours he helped us, mostly me, understand how to speak "dog" and our puppy is like a different dog. I'm very excited for our continued partnership to help our family and our Spencer to thrive. Thank you Scott!
Kim P., Lakewood, Colorado 24th November 2014

Robin is amazing. She had Astro responding to her gentle commands the first half hour she was here. It was like a miracle and I was truly impressed. I did not think Astro would respond so quickly. He is doing better with jumping and pulling. I know he will be a well-behaved puppy soon-much to my surprise. I would recommend Robin and Bark Busters to anyone.
Holly I., Denver, Colorado 20th November 2014

Robin is amazing. She had Astro responding to her gentle commands the first half hour she was here. It was like a miracle and I was truly impressed. I did not think Astro would respond so quickly. He is doing better with jumping and pulling and I know he will be a well-behaved puppy soon-much to my surprise. I would recommend Robin and Bark Busters to anyone.
Holly I., Denver, Colorado 18th November 2014

Peter is an outstanding trainer. Not only does he get quick and satisfying results with the dog, he listens well and carefully to owners-- their comments, questions, etc. and this is how he detects problems they are causing in the training process. He is extremely patient and thorough. Moreover, he responds quickly to phone calls or emails. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Richard M., Golden, Colorado 16th November 2014

Andrea did a great job explaining the Bark Busters technique. The technique gives us various tools for addressing our dog's barking, leash pulling, and pillow chewing. I was amazed how our dog obeyed us without us giving him treats or punishment. Our dog had fun and so did we. So far, we just had our first lesson, and we have been implementing what we learned. We have another lesson scheduled, and we are looking forward to continuing to work with Andrea! P.S. Andrea is super nice, accommodating, and lots of fun!
S G., Boulder, Colorado 11th November 2014

Great first session. We learned a lot, and our dog was really responsive to the training. Robin was really helpful and patient, and we appreciate the humane and natural training approach. Thanks Bark Busters!
Jesse B., Denver, Colorado 9th November 2014

Our 19-week-old puppy is surprisingly easy, but she does have a few puppy behaviors that aren't desirable. Robin showed us the BarkBusters methods - based on how dogs communicate with each other - to teach our dog when she's doing something undesirable and also how to praise her. All in a way she understands naturally. The training was helpful and insightful for our entire family and taught us effective techniques. I can see how it would be especially meaningful with a challenging dog who barks excessively or has other bad habits.
Julie W., Denver, Colorado 9th November 2014

Scott was able to show us techniques that worked during the 1st session in setting boundries for the dogs. We now have the confidence to continue with daily training.
Therese R., Denver, Colorado 8th November 2014

Very impressive! Scott had complete control of sassy within 2 minutes of arrival. Very informative ....very clear and concise instructions...we learned a lot ....and will definitely recommend him to friends. Thanks a lot good job!
Eric B., Thornton, Colorado 6th November 2014

Bark Busters is awesome! I thank you so much for in home training at an affordable cost! We have a 10 month old rescue mutt. After we brought Bella home, we learned that she was aggressive towards other dogs and strangers, especially on a leash. We have three daughters and needed to make sure we could trust Bella. We couldn't even answer our door safely! After just one visit from our trainer Scott, we could answer the front door and go for a normal walk. Bella is listening to us, and we trust her completely! The training is simple, straight forward, and easy to understand and carry out. I would recommend Bark Busters for any dog owner!
Tracy D., Thornton, Colorado 4th November 2014

Scott is fantastic. We've had remarkable results with our dog since the first training session and it only gets better and better. We Highly recommend Scott. Our dog had serious problems barking at people walking down the street and going ballistic at squirrels. Typical dog stuff but we finally couldn't handle it any longer. The training techniques Scott taught us are intuitive and effective, and we are extremely pleased with the results so far.
Alex W., Denver, Colorado 1st November 2014

Riley is 12 1/2 years old and Rosie is 2 1/2 years old. Both dogs are rescues and had a lot of trauma issues which manifested into barking/lunging at UPS trucks, school buses, at the front door and at the back fence. They both began lunging at other dogs when we walked them which caused us to hide behind bushes and run to the other side of the road! It was not fun to walk them! Andrea came to our rescue with amazing tools to help our poor pups! She is an leader and is teaching us how to be one so that our dogs will be able to feel safe with us and others. We are happy to report that we have seen wonderful progress...after 10 years, Riley is no longer lunging at school buses, Rosie is learning to walk on a leash without growling at other dogs and we are enjoying our daily walks!
Lori N., Boulder County, Colorado 29th October 2014

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