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We love Golden Retrievers! We've had them for more than 10 years. However, two dogs were not enough -- we wanted two more! Call us crazy, but we love Golden�s! With the increased number of dogs, our two females close in age started displaying aggressive and growling behavior during play and feeding time. We also had grown slack in some basic behavioral expectations. That�s when we decided to call Becky at Bark Busters -- she was a life saver. Becky provided clear, insightful instructions for the dogs and for me and my husband! Becky has great understanding into dog/human interaction yet makes it simple to retrain and help the dogs achieve good behaviors. We especially liked how easy all of the training was. With hands on direction, encouragement and live action exercises with each dog, Becky showed us how to direct and correct our actions and see preliminary results with our dogs. After Becky left, we continue to practicing with each dog incorporating her ideas and training. Our dogs have made considerable improvements using the Bark Buster techniques and exercises. She is also very accessible by phone and email to help with any further questions we have. And of course a great deal lies on our consistent use of the methods she taught us! We highly recommend Becky and Bark Busters and believe you will greatly benefit from her knowledge, insights and practical instructions.
Melinda D., Centennial, Colorado 5th February 2015

Jason was really nice and extremely helpful setting up the appointment. Robin was amazing! Stella was responding to her teaching technique within minutes and actually seemed to be enjoying the lesson! Robin really empowered me to have a better connection with Stella! This is definitely one of the best investments I've ever made! Thank you!
Elizabeth V., Aurora, Colorado 29th January 2015

I wish I had listened to friends who recommended Becky and Bark Busters years ago. Everything that is said on the website id completely true. Becky wasted no time getting my dog's attention, demonstrating what leadership is, and helping me to change my thinking about what my dog really needs. No one told me that the transformation in my dog's behavior would move me to tears. Consider yourself warned! ;)
Lee P., Englewood, Colorado 24th January 2015

Becky came in and Oscar almost responded immediately. He was calmer and learned a lot in the two hours she spend with us. Oscar was absolutely worn out after his first session. We feel very supported by Becky and have complete confidence that all of our goals will be met.
Lisa A., Aurora, Colorado 24th January 2015

We absolutely blown away at the difference we see in Cooper after only 1 day. Cooper, our Rhodesian mix, was rescued from the Bahamas and had a rough puppyhood. He was taken from his mother at 4 weeks old and bitten by a dog at 10 weeks, which resulted in a very fearful, anxious, and sometimes aggressive dog. Since our training session with Becky yesterday, it's like we have a completely new dog! No more aggressive barking at people out the window. We have gone on three walks with him loose leash walking beside us. He walks passed dogs, runners, rabbits, and squirrels calmly and by our side without pulling whatsoever. This was even in the realm of possibility a week ago. He doesn't rush the door when a visitor comes knocking and bark his head off. He sits calmly by our feet when at a friend's house. It's incredible. We are so excited to continue working with Becky and help Cooper thrive as a calm, happy dog!
Brittany S., Denver, Colorado 19th January 2015

I am astonished at the change in Snowball after one lesson! She's always been very intelligent, but also quite willful. I won't say her will has been broken, because I wouldn't want that. But it has been transformed. Now she is willing to mind me. It's amazing!
Cynthia W., Englewood, Colorado 18th January 2015

1/17/2015 Robin visited us today and we saw immediate results. In about an hour, our Yorkshire Terrier's bad habits including barking, jumping and leading on a leash were corrected. We could not believe how quickly he learned with a few basic commands. Robin was able to show us how to overcome seven years of bad behavior within minutes. Something we haven't been able to accomplish on our own in a year and a half. Remarkable!
Jackie & Bobby O., Aurora, Colorado 18th January 2015

Great Experience! Becky tuned right into Louie's personality and ours. We saw improvement right away. Fun for Louie and us!
Dan W., Aurora, Colorado 15th January 2015

Great experience!! Bark Busters was highly recommended by our vet, and we were not disappointed. My phone call was answered and the office staff was friendly and helpful. Robin is very knowledgeable, friendly and patient. We had a wonderful experience and recommend her for your dog training needs!!
Heidi W., Aurora, Colorado 12th January 2015

In less than 90 minutes Robin gave us the tools to control our dogs' barking. And they work like a charm. We can't wait for our next session!!!
Dennis F., Aurora, Colorado 12th January 2015

Bark Busters has made a huge difference in my life, and my happiness with my pets. I have a wonderful little Chihuahua, Nuttin, who I love dearly, but who has always been a terrible little land shark once she's on a leash! Becky came to my house and trained me on how to work with Nuttin and what a difference! Nuttin isn't perfect by any means, but now I can take her on a walk in neighborhood without having to pick her up and carry her every time she sees a person or another dog. Not only does she behave better for me, be she is calmer and more relaxed at home now. She seems to be enjoying life more now. The training isn't instantaneous, and it takes work on your part as well as the trainers, but it is more than worth it! Thank you Bark Busters!
Rianda C., Denver, Colorado 7th January 2015

I hired Scott from Bark Busters to come out and work with my two year old Hound mix (rhodesian ridgeback and something else). We had tried just about everything we could to get her to walk on a leash, but she would pull the entire time. We also had issues with her charging the door and growling when people knocked. I really liked that Scott's methods didn't just address how our dog acted, but also how she thinks. He focused on establishing dominance and allowing our dog to find her place in our pack. This worked like a charm and our dog is now a much happier, less anxious dog. After an hour with Scott, our dog was walking on a leash successfully. She hasn't pulled once since our initial training and it's been over a month. She also now respects the door and is much more submissive, following us everywhere instead of leading and listening to our commands.
Rayna M., Arvada, Colorado 2nd January 2015

We have two rescue pit mix 2 year old dogs. We have had our first visit from Scott and the results are really unbelievable. There is no more out of control jumping and running around when the doorbell rings. There is also no more stealing food by our girl dog from our boy dog. Other behaviors we are able to address as well. I can't wait for our second visit to help us with walking. I actually now believe it may be possible that it will work.
Denise and Marc S., Lakewood, Colorado 27th December 2014

Becky was very informative. She took her time to ease our fears and to answer all of our questions. She took her time to make sure we know what we needed to do daily to make our dog a better dog. I would recommend her to any one who needs help with their dog.
Ruth S., Denver, Colorado 27th December 2014
Trainer's Comments
Radar is going to be more relaxed and less fearful knowing he can count on his family for leadership!

Although I grew up with dogs, I was way out of my league when I got a new puppy. His barking was driving my neighbor's nuts. Kathy helped to get his barking under control, and he no longer jumps on everyone he sees. Oh, and he has stopped eating my shoes. I am confident if I follow the dog training techniques Kathy showed me, I will have a well behaved dog.
Kendall H., Denver, Colorado 20th December 2014

We had Kathy out to help us with our puppies many years ago. We have called her back off and on over the years. She always comes right over and helps us.We love her! It has been so nice to have a trainer that comes back to help us for the rest of our dog's lives!
Alyssa L., Littleton, Colorado 18th December 2014

It's been 3 years we have had Austin and 2-1/2 years after training. We are very thankful to have learned the manageable ways to deal with his aggression and possessiveness without reward him or in anyway hurting him.
Ed and Barbara H., Aurora, Colorado 16th December 2014
Trainer's Comments
Austin is wonderful! I'm so glad I could help. Let me know if you ever need anything!

Thanks God for Kathy! I was at my wits end with Swanson when I found Kathy. I had no idea how simple dog training really was until she showed me and explained it all in a common-sense sort of way. I've had zero issues since the training because I do what Kathy taught me and Swanson responds. He's so much less stressed now!
Heather F., Highlands Ranch, Colorado 16th December 2014

The Bark Busters training is amazing! Kathy did such a great job teaching us how to have a calm, well behaved dog! We could see a difference in our dog with the 1st training. It really worked right away. Now it is fun to take Oscar on walks and have people come over. Thank you Kathy!
Mary K., Littleton, Colorado 16th December 2014

We loved Kathy. She was poised and confident as she met Bella who barked out of control at her when she arrived. Within 15 minutes Bella had stopped barking. Her barking usually went on and on until we put her outside. We always felt guilty about putting her outside, but she would not stop barking and we could not have a conversation. Bella is a completely different dog. Wow, it was so fast and we don't even have to yell at her. It's been over two years and she stops barking immediately when we give her the command. I would have never in a million years thought this was possible or that it would have lasted this long. Kathy, thanks so much, you are a miracle worker.
Mark & Alice G., Highlands Ranch, Colorado 16th December 2014

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