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I am very impressed with the simple tools that I learned to help with my dog's aggression issues. I am more comfortable on walks and confident that we will be able to control unforeseen events as they happen. My dog seems happier and less anxious as well. Becky was a wonderful trainer and I look forward to continuing to build on what we've already learned.
Lisa J., Aurora, Colorado 5th May 2015

Robin was wonderful! Her directions on how to help my dog were clear, concise and easy to follow. My dog Bodhi LOVED the guidance and structure. His behavior was much better after the first session!!
Heather L., Denver, Colorado 4th May 2015

Scott came to our home, with our dog Bella barking and jumping at the door as she usually does. Letting Scott know who is in charge. Well, we sat down and discussed some of the issues our lab mix Bella was having, and what we had done. Scott showed us some new techniques, talked them over knowing why its used and when to use them. We then practiced, to our amazement Bella was behaving perfectly. We have been practicing using the techniques and could not be more pleased with the results. We can't wait for Scott to pop in on us to see how Bella is doing so we can show him how great it has been since his visit. I strongly encourage you to give Scott a call with any and all dog issues. He was so good, I almost want to prepay for him to help my neighbors with their excessive dog barking problem. Thanks Scott.. You have helped us change the entire attitude in our house. We are in charge now and Bella understands. Call Scott today !! Dave and Karlie Golden, CO
Karlie C., Arvada, Colorado 29th April 2015

We just finished our first session and I've never seen my canine this well- behaved around a stranger! 3 years ago we adopted Peanut, a Jack Russell mix, from the pound. He has many problem behaviors, but the worst is his aggression towards strangers. We've been afraid to have friends over to the house without restraining him, muzzling him, or putting him in a back room. Recently, he bit a family member who was visiting from out of town and we got desperate. We were skeptical about BB (especially after the sales pitch they gave us on the phone), and we'd already been through thousands of dollars in behaviorists, medications, and even a pet psychic (don't ask!!) on Peanut! But, we love him to pieces and decided to give one more behaviorist a shot. We're glad we did! Robin came to our home and was with us for about an hour and a half. She thoroughly explained the Bark Busters program and we agreed to give it a shot. The techniques she taught us were simple and with some small changes in our actions, we were able to get Peanut to be virtually non-reactive to Robin as she rang the doorbell and came into the house--a first! We are optimistic that the program will work, not just with his aggression, but with other problem behaviors as well. We can't wait to have Robin back in a few weeks and see what else she can teach us. Thank you, Robin!
Kathryn and Andy M., Denver, Colorado 25th April 2015

We hired Scott to help us control our Yorkshire Terriers. The first visit with Scott we were able to control the "doorbell" barking, walking on leash without pulling and nuisance barking. We are working on coming when called now. Scott has been great and very available when we have questions.
Dione B., Denver, Colorado 13th April 2015

Andrea is great! Very patient with us while we are learning to communicate with Archer.
Audrey W., Louisville, Colorado 8th April 2015

Becky is very professional and I was very pleased with the training techniques she suggested for Bailey.
Ellen C., Denver, Colorado 8th April 2015

Becky did a wonderful job explaining dog behavior and techniques to manage Barkley. She made it very clear that she was here for us now and in the future. We look forward to working with her again soon.
Melissa C., Denver, Colorado 7th April 2015

Robin was very, very good with Dean. At first Dean was his active, jumpy, puppy self and did not respond to commands. Within 15 minutes it was a complete turnaround. He learned very quickly to walk on a leash without pulling, sit/stay, and respect boundaries at the front door when the doorbell rang. Frankly, I was stunned after nearly 6 months of chaos!
Mitch B., Denver, Colorado 5th April 2015

We have 2 dogs - Cowboy (lab/border collie mix) and Godiva (chocolate lab). We got them both as rescues. We have a lot of issues with Godiva being dog aggressive and Cowboy being both dog and people aggressive and bumping them in the "No-no parts". They are both very difficult to walk as they have no leash manners. I got to dreading taking them for a walk because they pulled so hard and we would be fearful if we ran into kids or dogs. Within an hour we gained control of our front door so they wouldn't rush the door when people rang the bell and we were able get Cowboy to walk on a leash using the Bark Buster Collar. He didn't pull at all and it was like he wasn't even attached to a leash. Godiva is a little more challenging as she is older and more set in her ways, but we have hope with a little time and patience she will come a long. Thank you Robin for helping us. We look forward to seeing the changes in Cowboy and Godiva's behavior
Linda G., Aurora, Colorado 4th April 2015

I really appreciate that you created an outline recapping the behaviors we need to work on. Our session has made a notable difference with Ruckus already, I should say Scott and myself. Thank you so much for all the great guidance.  You are just amazing and a very gifted teacher! 
Dona M., Castle Rock, Colorado 4th April 2015

We had a great first session and saw improvement right away. We really enjoyed our trainer, Robin. She taught us simple and effective ways to fix our dog's behavior. We are looking forward to many more sessions. Thanks to Robin we are well on our way to having a happy well trained dog.
Patty and Joy C., Denver, Colorado 22nd March 2015

Walter was in desperate need of his person being a leader. Robin showed me how to take charge, be a good leader, and make Walter feel safe and secure. In a short amount of time, Walter was calm and collected, a behavior I haven't seen from him before. I was very pleased with her teaching style; the lesson wasn't so long that it made us lose interest. Most of all, she instilled in me confidence, which I needed.
Tina W., Aurora, Colorado 14th March 2015

My dog was exhibiting significant resource guarding issues that were of growing concern, particularly because we have an eight year-old son. We had tried two other trainers, and neither had been able to help. Becky changed all of that. She has been teaching us how to communicate effectively with our dog, and he has been doing great! While we are not yet at the point of declaring victory, we are for the first time very hopeful, and I feel confident that continuing to work with Becky and follow her guidance will allow us to enjoy the wonderful relationship with our pooch that we have always wanted.
Howard C., Denver, Colorado 6th March 2015

Kathy came to my house and taught me how to teach my dog what to do in a way he would understand. Very interesting and effective!! This training makes so much sense! I saw a difference in Charlie on the 1st lesson! I am so happy to know I will have a well behaved dog! Everyone needs Kathy to come over to help them with their dog!
Laura S., Highlands Ranch, Colorado 4th March 2015

I enjoyed working with Becky and the Bark Busters program. I was impressed with our initial meeting and presentation and then, of course, with the hands-on training. Because of the program, Hoku became a much more confident dog who will now come when he is called instead of looking the other way! I recommend Becky and the Bark Busters program to other dog owners.
Nancy D., Denver, Colorado 2nd March 2015

My dog was immediately responsive to Andrea. From the beginning, we had immediate door "welcoming" training which has been needed. The leash training we received was unbelievable and I learned my actions are encouraging my dog to pull on the leash. It was amazing seeing with one visit that my dog has incredible leash skills. Great advice and guidance the entire time. We learned so much! I am a big supporter of the program.
Katie R., Boulder, Colorado 1st March 2015

Robin was excellent! In just a few minutes she had Greta, our German Shepherd puppy, more relaxed and comfortable with strangers. She gave us a few daily exercises to do with Greta to improve her manners as well. Thanks Robin!
Heather O., Denver, Colorado 25th February 2015

Robin came to our home to help with our misbehaving dog Sam. We've done training with him in the past and while that helped, Robin gave us some new techniques that have curbed a lot of the negative behaviors that he has developed. She clearly and concisely explained what we needed to do and ran us through a few drills with the dog and the results cannot be understated. Highly recommend bringing in this expert to help with behavioral issues.
Brandon & Stephanie I., Denver, Colorado 22nd February 2015

Wow, where do I start. We adopted a dog that turned out to have fear aggression really bad. Asher wouldn't let anyone behind him and would stare anyone down if eye contact was made. He would get this look, his body would stiffen and then he would lunge. I thought this dog would improve with simply our love. I was wrong�.and then came Becky. What a God send. She observed our relationship with Asher and gave us some helpful ideas. Becky then took the time to teach us the tools we needed to help our dog. She came to our house, she called, she answered emails and is still willing to help with any issues. We are now able to have people over to our home and even walk him without the stress of before. A new friend was able to throw the tennis ball for him with only about a 5 min. introduction. Becky is a wonderful dog trainer. We highly recommend her.
Tausha W., Aurora, Colorado 13th February 2015

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